2020 year end business evaluation

Hold the line. Have You Performed a 2020 Business Evaluation?

Ok, so this year wasn’t what we all had planned. However, this year really showed us how to wake up, think outside the box, and push forward. Any moment now, everything you see on social media and pretty much anywhere online will begin to pressure you about your 2021 goals, and how you’re going to be your #bestself. BUT, is that really the best way to move into a new year? What if we look back and learn, then spend the next 30 days figuring out how we are going to live better in 2021.

Instead of focusing on a resolution or setting a goal for the new year, gaining clarity on your past year by performing a 2020 business evaluation can reap tremendous benefits in more ways than one!

Setting Expectations

Everyone can agree that setting our expectations for our New Year goals can be helpful and oftentimes yields a strong kick start of a year right out of the gate! However, does that pacing last? More than likely your answer is no. Not because there isn’t a ton of effort to keep things moving along, more so because hurdles present themselves as the year moves along.

Breaking down your goals by quarter can put all areas of your business into perspective. If you are looking at an overall year-end goal you might skip over important elements that support one another. Each quarter consists of three months or twelve weeks. With these smaller time frames to digest you can re-evaluate operational goals, customer service milestones, and your marketing campaigns.

Business Evaluation
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Start something Meaningful in 2021

Yea it sounds scary, awful almost to start something in a time in the world where so much is unclear. Or is it the most clearest it has ever been? While both the traditional store front business is dwindling and the online business skyrockets – we are seeing that many consumers still want that traditional experience.

How can you as the business owner provide that in your model? If you have to take your business online, have you thought through that experience for your customer? If you’re staying open how can you pivot to keep in-person shoppers feeling special? After 2021 there is an abundant opportunity to reset our business practices and rethink the customer’s experience and satisfaction.

Business Evaluation

Be Intentional in Your Offering

With so many click here, buy now, save this – in the moment offers, consumers are overwhelmed with the things that are being tossed their way at every turn. However, in reality, we as business owners should be providing them with products and services that they need and those that will serve them fully.

After the roughest year across the globe – especially for small businesses. Being meaningful to those that support what we do has never been more of a necessity. Maybe that comes forward as a special offering, or even a simple old fashioned thank you note. The time is here for us to bring the “human” quality back into our transactions and make those who support us feel good after they’ve done business with us.

Cheer’s to a clear line of focus on your next years goals!



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