Key Digital Marketing Trends in 2021


Social media and digital marketing will only be more important to people in 2021. After a year in which many people relied on social media for communication, more and more people have come to value the dependability of Facebook and other platforms.

B2B vs B2C Marketing

b2c vs b2b marketing

Definition B2B vs B2C Marketing: What’s the difference? Right off the bat, the one obvious difference between the two categories of marketing is scale. B2B stands for business-to-business, it is marketing from one company to another. A few examples of B2B: • An insurance broker that sells insurance protection and risk management to small business […]

Using Social Media Data to Increase Sales


Whether you want to partake or not we live in a socially connected world, brands across all industries have multiple platforms and pages to follow, all giving unique data, sales, info and insights!  It is time to use your social media data to increase your sales.  Now this is where the good stuff comes in. […]

Hashtag, you’re doing it right!

hashtag youre doing it right

If you’re a social media novice, hashtags may seem confusing and you’re right, they are. But they are integral to the way we communicate online, and search. As our world of technology grows and grows, so does the infinite amount of information available for us to search through on any given platform that we choose […]

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