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You know how your business operates, how you got started.  You also know the product you offer inside and out.  However, do you know who your customer is?  Do you have small business clarity? Do you know their needs, their demographics?  How about what they are searching for, do you stay on top of this?

When I look at my business model, I see a clear vision of what I offer, market, and provide to my clients.  My customers are small business owners both seasoned and newbies in the entrepreneurial space.  They’re busy, they have clients to service and they need help so they can focus on their business and driving revenue.  I take that pressure off them in regards to timing their marketing campaigns, refreshing their website, understanding the customer online experience and so much more.  The more I work with a client closely and get to know what their truly unique offering is, I can make proper suggestions as to how they can step up their marketing game.

Determine your business marketing model {B2B or B2C}

Understanding the foundation of how your business operates is key.  Are we marketing to another business or are we operating to consumers?  You may be thinking, I don’t know, and does it matter?  Knowing your audience changes everything.

Take this quiz and see if you understand your customer like you think you do as and also give yourself a fair evaluation if you are offering your customers all you could be.

Is it clear in my website content, messaging and imagery what my service and or product is?

Can my customers who visit my website find basic information on their own (remember 91% of consumers want a do it their self method if possible)?

Does my in-person print collateral match my online messaging (website, social media, email marketing)?

Do I provide necessary contact information if a customer gets stuck? Is it easy to find on my website?

If you feel like you are meeting the current standard of your target demographic then great! Having small business clarity is huge when it comes to getting started with your digital marketing. However, for those of you who feel like their may be some missing parts, I would love to help you get that fixed up and clarified.

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