branding 101

Branding 101

Branding is the emotional response a business evokes in a customer. When you think of some of your favorite brands in the world, can you clearly envision their logo? Replay commercials or visualize ads you’d seen where this brand is featured? That my friend is good branding and in this article we talk a bit about branding 101.

Brand to Scale

Before you even begin to think that branding is only for massive corporate products, you’re wrong. In the growing norms of small business start-ups, success will come much easier for the companies that are pre-set up to scale. Check out some of the examples of stellar branding.

Brand to the customer

When you think of your business from the customer’s perspective, what do you picture? What are some adjectives that come to mind from your customers? Write these out……this insight is key to our next steps in branding 101.

Customer Reflection


      1. Is your company name on point with your product or service, does it convey the feeling you hope customers feel when they see your logo or name?

      1. Imagery, on your current website or marketing does it reflect what you feel visually explains your brand?

      1. Ease of use in 2019 is above all the sales king. Customers want easy-to-use, click-to-purchase simple transactions and choices. How is your customer journey?

    I’d be happy to review those questions with you and chat more about what steps we can take to achieve your branding 101 goals together. Let me know how to get in touch.




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