is your website grabbing your customers attention

Are you grabbing your customer’s attention with proper marketing?

When your a small business owner, you’re already spread thin running all aspects of your business.  Being able to stay focused on whether or not you are grabbing your customers attention is a tough task.  Subsequently, I see it over and over with my clients that put their hard work into the “promoting” of their company.  Many small businesses like yours, have a growth spurt and get pushed to a stage of growth where they haven’t defined the operational organization. Of course, I get it and I can help. 

Does the marketing speak clearly in all efforts of your business?

Sometimes it’s best to put yourself outside of your business or do some evaluation of others to help you get some clarity on your marketing. First, try supporting a friend’s business on social media, by watching their efforts, liking, and engaging you can do some research of your own.  Or visit your own website from your customers perspective and see if you notice the thought process and journey of a user.   Is it easy to navigate? Is it clear what you are offering? Does the menu function as well on a mobile device as it does on a desktop? Are you grabbing your customers attention with proper marketing?  Are the images scrolling too large to even appear on a smart device?  This is called user experience and it’s powerful.

Poor user experience and having an unclear message of the offering is the most common occurrence I see today when clients come to me. Therefore, you know what you want to obtain as far as growth and have an idea of how to get there.  Additionally, Some steps seem like complete DIY, #entrepreneur things that are small and won’t affect your growth.  In the beginning stages and for a short period of time, you can think this way. However, taking on these additional marketing tasks is not sustainable.

What is a good starting point for a marketing strategy?

As your brand grows, so does your reach, your potential responses from your customers.  Certainly, by having a marketing strategy, and a clear definition of where you envision for the companies end goal, you pave the path for a simple guided plan to success.

Here are five quick thoughts you should consider in your current journey as a small business start-up.

  1. Have I defined who my ideal customer is?
  2. Is my messaging on my website, marketing materials and social media cohesive?
  3. What are my strengths, and do I have time to dedicate to the company’s growing marketing needs?
  4. Am I monitoring my website analytics and social media insights to better understand my clients?
  5. Do I wish I had more time to focus on growth, customer service, and operational goals?

Properly marketing your small business and finding complete clarity is a large task.  Not impossible just more like a side pain. If you’re a goal-driven, ambitious entrepreneur like me you want to focus on your company’s goals hitting the mark and beyond.  I’m a passionate small business marketer. Understanding what your dream is and where it came from, gives me an ability to support your goals. Which in turn will successfully grow your brand.

For some additional insight, I highly suggest this article on 26 Ideas for Your 2019 Small Business Marketing.  If you’re interested in having a conversation about your goals. As well as your service/product and what opportunities there are to level up, I’d love to chat.




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