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Business day to days isn’t anything like we are accustomed to.  Shops are closed, local businesses we are used to supporting are only available during certain hours.  Life is altered.  But that’s ok, this is the new normal.  We are experiencing a shift in how business as we know it will change. Instead of being distraught or focusing on the main issue at hand, we need to move forward. No one at this moment is thinking more in-depth about our businesses and how we serve our customers than us, right now.

I’ve been assisting my clients in the past few weeks with adjusting to online business models. For instance, switching a brick and mortar platform to a pickup, by appointment only, delivery or online model overnight. It sucks, it’s hard and it wasn’t planned. But we can do this. I tell each and every one of my clients the same thing over and over, we can handle this, we can move forward and we will get through. So my question to you as you read this blog post, is what are your plans for the next 30-90 days from now? With an unknown plan from our government, heading into this blind territory, what can we do together to keep moving forward?

Instead of adding to the unknown info that all of my contacts and clients are feeling I’d like to help and provide some input on how we can think PAST this crazy mess that we are all in right now. I’ve put together a simple list of checkpoints that every business owner small to medium, can use as a guide to keep pushing through and be ready for the comeback!

Business Owners keep these thoughts at the forefront of your mind

  • SEO – how can you focus on current online content and make it more relevant and helpful to your audience.  Make sure you can be found online. As everyone adapts to the work from home life, search traffic has grown significantly and will continue to climb. Anything online right now will be consumed more than ever before.
  • Expertise – you know it, what else can you write about to inform your audience about you are moving forward past these times and publish on your website today? If you can find other services to offer, go for it. Since now that you have more holes in your schedule, it might be a good time to experiment and see what sticks. I’d also suggest brainstorming not only within your firm but also with your competitors. Everyone is on the same boat trying to navigate ways to revamp the industry.
  • Digitizing – what products/services can become or switch to online during this uncertain time in business?  Even if you have no, what products can you possibly drop ship that will help your customers fulfill the void from the service that you usually provide them?  Look into opening an Amazon Affiliate store, this can be a great resource once business and the economy picks back up again.
  • Messaging – people are striving for normal, what can you do to serve this need, now?
  • Reviews – Go through your database of clients and ask them to review your service or business.  This is not only a great way to stay connected to them, but it also can provide some additional insight into what you can be doing better or adding to what you already do.

Here is a helpful article on this and a few other ideas to marketing your business during slow times

Re-Strategize your marketing

Think of this as an opportunity to revisit the areas in your business that you have been neglecting.  Once you’ve identified them, start to put together a plan for long-term actions.  Setting a 5-year goal can really help you strategize overall growth and put things into perspective for where you want to end up.  Stay forward thinking for your business.

My team is here to help.  Rady with an extensive knowledge base of content that is ready for your audience to respond t0.  We can adapt to an online model in a matter of hours and keep small to medium businesses thriving.  We are eager to help and waiting for your questions.  Reach out to us today!



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