Stuck updating your own WordPress website?

You’ve spent a fair amount of money on refreshing your business website and now what?  Are you finding yourself stuck updating your own WordPress website and not getting the results you need?  This is a common complaint we hear from people just like you.  Having your own small business website to run is a much larger hassle than one might think.  Especially if your busy actually operating your business and taking care of your customers.

We offer low cost WordPress website updates starting at $25 for basic changes needed.

Beyond staying on top of the search rankings in your business niche there are many other reasons to keep on top of updating your WordPress site.  Here are two very important factors to consider.

  1. Google loves fresh content and so does your customers.  Not only will Google give you higher ranking with constant updates, but your customers will also more than likely be thrilled when they arrive on your site to find that you’ve added more information to the services you provide.  As well as increasing the chances of new visitors finding you!
  2. Security is key to proper updates!  WordPress is the most used CMS (content management system) out there for websites, with that comes tons of software upgrades to the system itself and the plugins you’ve possibly added.  When these updates are released there are lists of changelogs that the developers release stating why they are updating.  Many times its security, functionality changes, or bigger additions that have become available.  When you fail to update the software and the plugins this puts your site at a major security risk.  Hackers can find ways through old outdated code.

There are more reasons why you should keep your site fresh and we can help! Contact us today if you’re feeling stuck updating your own WordPress website? Learn what we can offer for your WordPress websites update needs. 310-272-6343



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