Do these 5 seo adjustments

Do These 5 SEO Adjustments!

When it comes to establishing a website, web design is only part of the journey. Do these 5 SEO adjustments to your website and to remain ahead of the pack. While aspects such as aesthetics and usability are critical building blocks, good frameworks will only get you so far.  As search engines become increasingly intelligent, understanding search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to increase your website’s organic traffic.

Develop an SEO-Optimized Homepage

Your website’s homepage is the first thing users see when they visit your site. The homepage also tells Google what your website is all about. Furthermore, enhancing your website’s entry in search engine results pages (SERPs). Homepage SEO optimization can be done in several ways. A few of them include optimizing your homepage title and meta description. Diving deeper you can optimize your logo, add optimized images.  Most importantly enhance mobile-friendliness, and optimizing your load speed.

Put Users Before Search Engines

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when creating content for your website is prioritizing search engines over real people reading the content. There’s a practice known as keyword stuffing where content creators overload a web page’s meta tags or visible content with keywords in an attempt to gain an unfair ranking advantage. Not only is keyword stuffing considered webspam, but it can also harm your website’s SEO. When writing content for your website, focus more on something that will help people. Reader-focused content enhances user experience and results in higher search engine rewards.

Establish the Right SEO Goals

Establishing the right SEO goals is key to your website’s success. Every webpage has some aspects that could use some tweaking and sprucing up. Something as simple as maximizing your page speed could have a significant impact on your website’s overall experience. Other goals you should consider include strengthening your domain authority, lowering your bounce rate, boosting on-page elements to increase visitor engagement time, diversifying traffic-generating pages, and optimizing internal links. Well-defined SEO goals set up your website for a more positive outcome. If you do these 5 SEO adjustments to your website you’ll see big results.

Implement Web Analytics Tools

After establishing your SEO goals, you need the right type of software to track your website’s performance. Web analytics software such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console are effective analytic tools to track your website’s performance. Website analytics paint a clearer picture of user behavior and provide valuable data that can be used to create better web visitor experiences.  Beyond Googles pile of helpful tools a regular to go for us is SEMRush.  This all in one power house not only provides insights to what is not working on your site,  yet also delivers weekly suggestions and competitor monitoring to help you keep a leg up!

Use Easy, Legible URL Structures

When coming up with a URL for your website, remember that search engines always follow search users. What that means is if your users can’t understand your website’s URL, chances are search engines won’t either. When creating a URL, use easy-to-type words and avoid unnecessary information that doesn’t convey anything about your website’s content.

SEO is multifaceted and it changes almost daily.  The slightest tweaks can make a world of difference to your inbound traffic. Knowing what each element entails and how to carry out the necessary adjustments could be the difference between success and failure. If you do these 5 SEO adjustments to your website, not only will it enhance your website’s visibility but indeed it will take your site to the next level.  If your curious about how we can provide SEO support reach out and schedule a free consultation today!



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