why you need good backlinks

Why you need good backlinks

Few things are more precious to a business than good reviews. Higher positive reviews build greater brand credibility and foster user confidence. Think of backlinks as reviews created when your website links to another. If you run a website, here’s a breakdown of why you need good backlinks for higher rankings.

Understanding Backlinks

Granted, building a visually appealing website with astute title tags and great keywords is no easy task. The thing is, search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo also consider other external factors when ranking sites. One of the most fundamental external factors is the number of quality links your site receives from credible websites. These links are known as backlinks and play a crucial role in building your website’s credibility. 

Bad Versus Good Backlinks

Before Google launched the Penguin algorithm back in 2012, some people blatantly violated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by paying for links so that their websites would rank higher. Penguin duly solved this issue by penalizing web pages associated with these bad backlinks. Such backlinks typically come from suspicious websites that try to manipulate search engine rankings. Bad backlinks can do a lot of harm to your rankings and ruin your website’s credibility with search engines. In contrast, quality backlinks come from trusted relevant websites within your industry and have significant benefits. 

Benefits of Quality Vs. Quantity

In today’s ultra-competitive world, good backlinks could be the difference between a high-ranking and low-ranking website. Your goal should always be to get good links from authoritative relevant sites. Here’s a look at four advantages of quality backlinks to your website.

1. Higher Referral Traffic

Referral traffic describes users who visit your site from other domains. With good backlinks, your website can receive valuable visitors from trusted domains while putting your content in front of a new audience. Good backlinks from popular sites could effectively push traffic to your website for years. 

2. Better Brand Authority

High-quality links on established websites attract consumers to your website. Through backlinks, users view your website as a credible source of information within your niche. When other websites link to your content, what they’re essentially saying is they trust you as a credible brand, enhancing your brand authority within your industry.

3. Foster New Relationships

Through backlinking, more people are exposed to your brand, creating a sense of trust among users. Other established sites also identify with your brand, nurturing a sense of trust by association. Such robust relationships with visitors and other brands are pivotal for nurturing business growth and success.

4. Higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Rankings

Quality backlinks are vital for better SEO rankings because they create signals to Google that your content is valuable. As your website earns more backlinks, search engines deduce that your site contains valuable content worth ranking higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Quality backlinks can massively affect your site’s visibility and position. In fact, quality backlinks are regarded as the most important off-site ranking factor. If you want to establish your website’s credibility, backlinks can be the ideal tool to help you position your brand as an industry authority. To receive a comprehensive look into the health of your website and existence of any backlinks, reach out to us for a free consultation by contacting us here.



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