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Web Design

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Effective Web Site Design

Your website must effectively increase your brand awareness or sell your product and or service with ease to your visitors.  Simple and clear website design can be the difference between a new sales conversion and a lost prospect. Your website is how users learn what your business is all about.

All website designs include:

  • Basic SEO Structure
  • Responsive design (mobile, tablet, desktop friendly)
  • Live build so you can see the progress
  • Training on updates and changes

Web sites begin at $750

Phase 1Clarification

Clarify your company’s vision, gathering all requirements and performing a competitor analysis related to your new website.

Phase 2Framework

Establishing the foundation of the user experience, navigation, color scheme and page layout is the backbone of this process.

Phase 3User Experience

Evaluation of customer experience is researched to make sure your customers are thought of all the way through.

Phase 4 – Finalization

Content is added to the pages, forms input and tested, and basic SEO structure is implemented.

Phase 5 – Launch

Final quality checks are performed across the entire site.  Once the client approves the domain is set to go live!

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