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Web Design

Our Process

Active Media believes in more simple and linear process, which is intuitive to both the client and our technical teams. Our process flow takes the following route…

Phase 1Requirement & Clarifying

When you are ready to move forward with working together, the first thing we will do is clarify your company’s vision.  Our design team collaborates with your team to extract all the details related to the design. This ensures that the project is initiated with a common understanding of the objectives of website.

Phase 2First Design Draft is Submitted

Once we have all requirements for the new site, we head to the drawing boards to kick off the sites new overall look and feel.  We get right to work on a dummy domain, so we can share live updates all the way though.  Actual finalization of improvements start after the feedback is provided from client to The Active Media team.

Phase 3Revisions

The bones of the site are implemented, logo, social media connections, navigation are set.  Evaluation of customer experience is researched, to make sure your customers are thought of all the way through.  With the site being built live, we can chat and handle any suggestions as we work.

Phase 4 – Finalization & Approve

All content is moved over and suggestions may be made to modify properly for SEO.  Images are renamed for search-ability depending on your market.  At this point we ask our clients to go through the entire site to make sure they are happy.

Phase 5 – Site Delivery!

Our team goes through all links, checks for grammar or spelling errors, tests contact forms and prepares for launch.  The client’s sign off on the site is necessary to switch the DNS to your new hosting server.