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Video and Media Web Design

Fox Sports broke the web design news world today upon rolling out their fresh new look with an all VIDEO based website.  Along with this new look and new way of navigating content to their audience, oh and they laid off over 20 key personnel in the their writing and editing departments.  Obviously this is a big deal for the word of web design and of course those that worked at Fox Sports.  Does this mean we are going to see a trend of sites pulling down the content and trading it all for videos, meme’s and scrolling tickers?

Fox Sports lay off

While us designers can all agree, this is not good design nor appealing to look at, there is a major point to argue. It’s safe to say milenials and young thinkers alike are quite happy watching 3 second clips of their friends entire day.  Consuming media as fast as it will load.  The evolution of SnapChat and the idea of sharing extremely short clips of your life has by far and beyond taken over popular media.  Perhaps this is the new norm.  Imagine purchasing clothing on a website where the models are wearing it live, you could see the products and how they move on an actual human.  Crap we need to build an online video store site stat!

Curiousity on how this will all unfold is an exciting thing.  In a year from now the internet could most likely be filled with Video and Media based web design and there’s nothing we can do about it.  Roll with the punches folks!  See the new look and feel of the Fox Sports site here

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