What Is Technical Marketing?

Whether a business works with a digital marketing agency or not, technical marketing isn’t something to push off.  While having a well-built site that navigates easily and serves the client is the main priority, it is far from where a healthy website ends.  What is going on underneath the fancy design is #1. 

Many online companies, SIY tools and such make endless claims to help you get your website ranking and at #1 on Google.  We’re here to tell you this is unrealistic and in short not that easy to do.  Here are a couple of examples to look out for:

Third-Party Institutions  They come into our lives as helpful quirky ads on social media claiming to help you “sell or launch” your product or service.  There are many of these unscrupulous characters who are idling sitting by, charging monthly fees to help you sell your digital product, promote your business or yield a promise of launching your dreams!  Truth is, if you have a website, you don’t need services from an outside source to sell your service.

Drag and Drop Website Builders Sure seems easy enough, drop an image here, choose your favorite font, press publish, and voila!  What happens when you need more hosting space or custom code adjustments that just don’t work with the drag and drop modules?  You’ll begin to notice that your site is not listed anywhere in Google or other search engines?  Many of these do-it-yourself options are pretty and lightweight solutions, but that’s where it ends.

SEO Magicians These guys swoop in almost the second your site goes live, tantalizing you with the magic potion to get your site listed at the top of Google.  Sounds too good to be true right?  Well, it is.  The truth is that a high search engine ranking is an ongoing effort and you can do it, if the SEO framework of your site is there, and you are adding quality content to your website on the regular.

Types of Technical Marketing

View some of the key technical marketing tools that all modern day businesses should be using

Code Clean up

For sites that need a clean facelift without additional function and API needs. Add-ons and functionality are available upon request. Per project details and costs will vary.

Application Automation

Customizing applications for your website to automate your email marketing, social media efforts and integration into your CRM or other database is key for a high functioning customer journey.

PPC Advertising

Advertising on search engines and social media platforms is extremely effective. However, if those campaign aren't being monitored your marketing dollars are most likely note being used efficiently.

Technical Consultant

Review and correct SEO infrastructure, resolve errors, redirects, adjust website content on existing website. Adjust alt tags in images and text. Software upgrades and plugin clean up. Resolution report included.

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