Technical Marketing Services

What is Technical Marketing?

Many businesses that have a website, or have a brick and mortar shop are set to go!  They’re up and running with the masses, kicking butt on social media, reaching their audience, supplying the info to what their customers want, and have it all going as planned.  However, in the dark corners of online marketing, they’re blinded by the unforeseen monsters that are stealing away their hard-earned bucks or eyes on their business.  Here are a couple of examples of online companies that claim to help you grow your business, and massively under deliver on those promises.

Technical Marketing Agency

Third-Party Institutions  They come into our lives as helpful quirky ads on social media claiming to help you “sell or launch” your product or service.  There are many of these unscrupulous characters who are idling sitting by, charging monthly fees to help you sell your digital product, promote your business or yield a promise of launching your dreams!  Truth is, if you have a website, you don’t need services from an outside source to sell your service.

Drag and Drop Website Builders Sure seems easy enough, drop an image here, choose your favorite font, press publish, and voila!  What happens when you need more hosting space or custom code adjustments that just don’t work with the drag and drop modules?  You’ll begin to notice that your site is not listed anywhere in Google or other search engines?  Many of these do-it-yourself options are pretty and lightweight solutions, but that’s where it ends.

SEO Magicians These guys swoop in almost the second your site goes live, tantalizing you with the magic potion to get your site listed at the top of Google.  Sounds too good to be true right?  Well, it is.  The truth is that a high search engine ranking is an ongoing effort and you can do it, if the SEO framework of your site is there, and you are adding quality content to your website on the regular.

Technical Marketing Includes:

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