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Social Geeks

Social Media NerdsYes we are “Social Geeks”  and we are the new breed of digital warriors who have a deep understanding for digital and social media marketing, and are usually obsessed with learning new digital trends and tactics to either sharpen their professional skills or be the first to share it as bragging rights. They come in many forms from marketing professionals to independent bloggers to even new-age SME business owners and many more.

Social geeks are usually the type who can create and execute small-scale digital campaigns all by himself/herself (or with a bunch of geeks alike), playing multiple roles in the process as the strategist, creative designer, copywriter, programmer, media buyer, advertiser, analytics analyst and so on.

They can usually be found loitering around Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Technorati, Flickr, FourSquare, YouTube, Apple, CNet, Google Analytics and many more digital playgrounds according to their personal preferences.

Confused? Read more and maybe have a little laugh by learning some terminology via Urban Dictionary 🙂

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