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How I can help your business

Your business already has the makings of an effective marketing team, even if you’re a one employee shop!  With coaching and guidance, I can show you how to think like your client, by understanding how to speak to them in your marketing and keep them coming back for more! As a part of your team, I provide a better understanding of how to create marketing campaigns and track their success. You and your employees will walk away from every coaching session with more knowledge, answers, and inspiration.

Understanding effective marketing strategy is my passion which is why I’ve been a professional marketer for over 14 years.  I know the value of finding your niche client, as I’ve been there myself.  When I pair with my ideal client we grow together, and your business thrives.  The more open my clients are with me about what they want from their business, the more I can clearly and effectively guide them in the right direction.

No matter what size your business is, I have a solution for how we can work together!

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The package is perfect for small business owners doing it all themselves and they like it that way!  Maybe you’re a type-A personality or a jack of all trades, that is a great thing and a common trait of entrepreneurs.  Looking for some simple guidance and would like to continually bounce ideas off of someone for an outside perspective, I’m happy to help! One hour long call or online conference monthly.  If located in the Southern California area, in person meets are available!


If your company has an internal marketing employee I can provide focus and guidance in all things marketing.  Your employee will learn how to set realistic quarterly goals, be coached through the work they are creating and tracking the success of the new assets, designs, and traffic they are driving to your website and social media channels.  This is very effective for those businesses that are scaling, however, aren’t ready for the additional annual expense of bringing on a fulltime marketing specialist.  Weekly calls and review.


If your small business idea is now a full-fledged startup and you could use some extra hands, this package is ideal for you.  I can assist by being your remote marketing team member.  Included in addition from the “Level 2” package I would be available for the creation of digital assets, website updates, social media management, marketing campaign director and analytics reporting.  With once weekly meetings to review current campaign success and department needs.

$75 per session

$399 per month

$1,250 per month

Like you, I am a small business person,  driven and focused on my goals.  Let me help you with yours.