Using Social Media Data to Increase Sales


Whether you want to partake or not we live in a socially connected world, brands across all industries have multiple platforms and pages to follow, all giving unique data, sales, info and insights!  It is time to use your social media data to increase your sales.  Now this is where the good stuff comes in.  In the time and age of being an entrepreneur or small business owner data is your best friend and if you’re ignoring it, you are most definitely missing out.  Your social media pages collect a heck of a lot of useful data that you should be accessing daily.  Many companies fail to take advantage of these vital resources to improve their sales and better their customer experience. Here are a couple ways you can leverage your data. Monitor The Competition First, you can use social data to monitor your competitors’ offerings, products, and services. How are they packaging their product or service to their unique consumer.  See what your competition is doing that you like or don’t like.  How can you improve or step up this platform and make it your own? This is an easy way to gain a little advantage and see what it is that your customers really want or care about.   Social insights can give you various data across all platforms, so yes you need a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Don’t be afraid to try different strategies on each one either! Use It or Loose It! Seriously though, not using the data to better understand why your visitors/fans stop and make a conscious decision to read,  like or share your post can leave you in the dust.  It’s simple really.  Check out your demographics, see what type of personalities’ they tend to have.  Are your biggest chunk of visitors younger, male, moms, business professionals?  Are these users consistently engaging in your brand or are they random?  These things can really get your wheels turning and help you start to make some educated decisions on why they coming or going.   Companies miss the opportunity to better understand their customers and get a leg up on the competition. Don’t just leave social feedback to one area of the company, but instead integrate it throughout your strategy to make your entire operation as customer-friendly and informed as possible. No one knows your business like you do.  So give yourself an increase in sales and give your customers what they want!  We are here to help with any consulting or advice you may need.  Please reach out with any questions in regards to establishing a strong social media strategy today! We’d be happy to help!

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